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Broadcast Sport Summit


What's Next for Sports Documentaries?

01 Nov 2023
There's been a massive explosion in sports documentaries over the last five or so years, mainly driven by streaming platforms finding huge audiences for feature-length documentaries and episodic series uncovering enticing stories and providing genuine insight into sports, athletes, popular figures in sports, or focusing on fascinating and previously underreported stories involving sports, federations, athletes and clubs. The series that has perhaps had the biggest impact so far is Drive To Survive, which has brought a younger generation of fans to Formula 1 and created an unmatched platform to spotlight the personalities of the drivers and characters involved in the sport. It seems every sport now wants its own Drive To Survive, but with so many sports documentaries around, how do you cut through the noise, take a different approach and make a lasting mark with your sports documentary?
Charlotte Wheeler, Director - Broadcast Tech & Sport Group
Duncan East, Managing Director - Buzz 16
Alison Lombardi - FilmNova
John McKenna, Co-Founder / CEO - Noah Media Group
Danny Fenton, CEO - Zig Zag Productions


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