Content Summit 2021 Programme


Launching the eSkootr Championship

30 Sep 2021
The eSkootr Championship is the world’s first electric race scooter. The prototype carbon-fibre S1-X eSkootr has been developed by YCom and Williams Advanced Engineering and is capable of over 100km/h (60mph). It features racecar design and manufacturing techniques – including a carbon-fibre chassis frame, environmentally friendly natural-fibre bodywork and bespoke, adjustable front and rear suspension elements CNC-machined from aluminium. The races will take place in city centres, on specially designed circuits between 400 and 1000m long. In this session, you’ll find out the launch plans for the eSkootr Championship; how it is being developed; what races it is planning and when; and what the content plans are for the new sport.
Jake Bickerton, 55 - Broadcast Tech & Sport Group
Sharon Fuller - eSkootr Championship

  • "It's important to recognise what's going on in the industry, especially in such a hard and trying time such as Covid, I think it's caused a lot of us to have to innovate beyond what we dreamed imagineable."
    Broadcast Sport Awards Winner 2021

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