Content Summit 2021 Programme


In Conversation with Barbara Slater

30 Sep 2021
One of the leading free-to-air sports broadcasters talks to Broadcast Sport about the sports strategy for their channel. In this discussion we find out which sports and events work well on one of the biggest free-to-air sports channels in the UK; why free-to-air is important for key sports and ‘crown jewel’ sporting events; how free-to-air services partner with pay-TV and D2C platforms to maximise the reach and profile of different sporting events; and more.
Gavin Ramjaun, Presenter / Correspondent - BBC SPORT - BBC NEWS - CBS News - BBC World NEWS - BBC
Barbara Slater, Director - BBC Sport

  • "It's important to recognise what's going on in the industry, especially in such a hard and trying time such as Covid, I think it's caused a lot of us to have to innovate beyond what we dreamed imagineable."
    Broadcast Sport Awards Winner 2021

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