Content Summit 2022 Programme


Behind-the Scenes: Virtual Sports Studios with dock10

16 Mar 2022
dock10 has designed, created and housed a wide array of virtual sports studios, including the flagship Match of The Day studio and the set for the FIA Gran Turismo World Championships. In this session, dock10’s Hannah Robinson is joined by Golden Egg’s Steve Boulton, who has series produced a number of dock10’s virtual studio projects. The pair will discuss what virtual studio spaces can bring to sports, why they are well suited to sports presentations and what clients are looking for. They will also consider how LED Volume stages might impact the world of the green screen – and what the future of virtual studio production holds?
Max Miller, 55 - Broadcast Tech & Sport Group
Steve Boulton, CEO - Golden Egg Innovation
Hannah Robinson, Production Development Producer - dock10

  • "It's important to recognise what's going on in the industry, especially in such a hard and trying time such as Covid, I think it's caused a lot of us to have to innovate beyond what we dreamed imagineable."
    Broadcast Sport Awards Winner 2021

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