Content Summit 2022 Programme


What's Next for The Hundred?

16 Mar 2022
This panel discusses what’s in store for The Hundred in 2022, following the success of the launch year. It reflects on the key successes of year one – putting women’s cricket on a level playing field with the mens’ game; putting live cricket back on free-to-air platforms including YouTube to encourage widespread viewing; making the stadium experience fun and high energy; and so on. Then the panel discusses how Sky’s plans for coverage of The Hundred are panning out for this year – how will Sky approach its coverage – what adaptations/enhancements will it make; what about on-screen graphics and analysis such as the use of the avatars – will that evolve to make more use of the possibilities of AR/XR etc?
Jake Bickerton, Editorial Director - Broadcast Tech & Sport Group
Tom Crump, Senior Producer - Sky Sports

  • "It's important to recognise what's going on in the industry, especially in such a hard and trying time such as Covid, I think it's caused a lot of us to have to innovate beyond what we dreamed imagineable."
    Broadcast Sport Awards Winner 2021

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