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Content Summit 2024 Programme


How AI and Tech Innovation is Changing Sports Production

07 Mar 2024
Tech innovations are reshaping sports production at a rate not previously seen, with broadcasters turning to AI-enabled production to enable lower-tier sports and leagues to be televised at a cost-effective price point. Both the usage and quality of automated production has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 2-3 years, with affordable off-the-shelf AI-enabled camera and software systems able to capture reliable, consistent action from the pitch, complete with data overlays and replays, with very minimal human involvement. Added to this, tech advancements put high-quality sports graphics in the hands of all content makers; social media video platforms have democratised distribution; and editing and live production software kit is now affordable and straightforward to use and access. This session discusses the tech-enabled progress being made in production and what the future holds for AI-enabled coverage of sports events.
Max Miller, Senior Reporter - Broadcast Sport
Florian Block, R&D Lead, AI & Immersive - dock10
Peter Cassidy, Commercial Director - Dizplai
Maria Stanley, Director of Production - SailGP


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