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Content Summit 2024 Programme


Have Sports Documentaries Reached their Peak?

07 Mar 2024
There seems to be an insatiable public appetite for sports documentaries, with every major streaming service and broadcaster falling over themselves to commission and produce a regular stream of documentaries covering every aspect of every sport, with no stone left uncovered to find the next untold story. Viewing figures are impressive for the biggest, most well-publicised sports documentaries, including the likes of Welcome to Wrexham, Beckham, Drive To Survive, Captains of the World, Tour de France Unchained and so on. But have all the stories now been told? Will sports fans soon tire of the fairly repeatable story arc of the sports doc? Have sports documentaries finally reached their peak?
Jake Bickerton, Editorial Director - Broadcast Sport
Gabriel Clarke, Co-founder and Lead Film Director - Noah Media
Anouk Mertens, Global CEO - NEO Studios
Gavin Johnson, Media Director - City Football Group
Sara Trombetta, Content Producer - Europe & Middle East - NBA


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