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Content Summit 2024 Programme


Where to Start with Digital Content

07 Mar 2024
Digital platforms are of equal importance to traditional broadcast platforms as part of the distribution mix for your sport to reach different audiences. Many younger fans prefer to keep on top of sports via social media and online video platforms rather than sitting through the full live event on a big screen. And the live sporting event is just a small part of their engagement with the sport, with athlete-created content, short-form and long-form documentary content, fantasy leagues, and auto-generated post-match highlights all part of the vast array of content they consume around their favourite sports and athletes. This panel brings together several leading digital content creators to share hints and tips and practical examples of how to create and distribute content that maximises the huge reach of digital platforms. 
Louise Wells, Managing Director - Bubble Agency
Jon Dyson, Head of Sport - Formidable
Scott Melvin, CEO and Co-founder - Buzz 16
Stuart Pollitt, Co-director - Restless Films
Fiona Wood, Strategy Director - Little Dot Sport


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