Leaders Forum 2021 Programme

leaders forum

The Content Summit focuses on different areas of sports production, providing a platform for sports content producers and broadcasters to discuss best practice in making and televising live sports, sports-focused documentaries, studio-based programming and more.

03 Nov 2021
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  2. The keynote provides independent analysis and insight into the state of the sports media sector. It offers analysis into the way sports are being broadcast, produced and consumed by viewers, and insight into the way sports rights might be distributed in the future.
  3. This state-of-the-nation panel discusses the most important issues impacting the fast-changing sports broadcast sector in 2021.
  4. Coffee & Networking
  5. This panel debates the changing shape of sports production, and how the production sector is evolving to make the most of the new opportunities available.
  6. Stu Thomson is a former professional mountain biker and runs Glasgow-based production house Cut Media. In this session, Thomson talks about best practice when working with athletes, brands and sports federations to create top-tier sports content.
  7. Lunch
  8. A number of sports federations reveal how they have handled the broadcast and distribution rights of key sports properties over the last few years and how they think the sale of live sports broadcast rights will continue to evolve in the coming years.
  9. The biggest recent change in sports production, especially in the 18 months during the pandemic, has been the move to remote production. This panel discusses how OB companies are adapting their business model to provide the services required for the new ways of working.

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