Tech Forum 2021 Programme


BASE & Veritone: Racing Through the Clouds with Airspeeder and Gran Turismo

02 Nov 2021
A discussion covering the practical benefits of cloud-based production, with a case study about forthcoming electric flying car racing series, Airspeeder. And an exploration into the use of cloud-based storage and distribution solutions that support the global production efforts behind the FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships.
Alison Bender, Broadcast Journalist & Football Presenter
David Candler, Senior Director, Customer Solutions - Veritone
Ben Foakes, Founder & Managing Director - Base Media Cloud
Stephen Sidlo, Head of Media - Airspeeder
Rupert Williamson, Events Director, Gran Turismo Explore Studio - Polyphony Digital Inc.

"It's important to recognise what's going on in the industry, especially in such a hard and trying time such as Covid, I think it's caused a lot of us to have to innovate beyond what we dreamed imagineable."

Broadcast Sport Awards Winner 2021

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