Tech Innovation Forum 2021 Programme

Tech Innovation Forum Programme

The Tech Innovation Forum takes a deep dive into the innovations being used across the many verticals of sports media, with sessions featuring many of the global leading sports broadcasters, producers and rights holders.

02 Nov 2021
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  2. A case study about how Sky went about televising the new cricket format, The Hundred. The broadcaster built its approach around a series of core pillars, which informed the style of its delivery and laid down a set of aims and objectives for Sky’s coverage.
  3. One of the biggest shifts in sports presentations over the last two-to-three years has been the widespread adoption of virtual studio spaces. This panel debates the pros and cons of virtual studios, and how to successfully design and plan your virtual space.
  4. A behind-the-scenes case study into the production of the Tokyo Olympics. The panel explains how Panasonic products were used to ensure high-quality coverage of the Tokyo Olympics in the most challenges of circumstances.
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  6. BT Sport’s Matt Stagg explains the benefits of 5G, which offers a number of key benefits for sports productions. It enables wireless camera roaming in stadiums; advanced possibilities for AR graphics for fan engagement; and full network-sliced 5G remote production.
  7. There have been some significant developments in sports graphics over recent years that aim to provide fans with a deeper understanding of the implications of what’s happening on the field. This panel discusses all these developments and asks what’s next for sports graphics innovations.
  8. Sports broadcasts rely on camera developments to keep the coverage as fresh and eye-catching as possible. This panel discusses the applications for many recent camera innovations and asks if there are any more iterations of cameras we’ve yet to see in sports production.
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  10. Sports content is hugely popular on social media, whether full live streams of events; near-instantaneous highlights clips shared during a live match; or videos from athletes providing insight into their training or lifestyle. This session reveals the best practice tips for making the most of sports content on these platforms.
  11. This panel demonstrates the practical benefits of cloud-based production, with a case study about forthcoming electric flying car racing series, Airspeeder.

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