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Content Summit 2024 Programme

  1. Coffee & Networking
  2. Sports podcasts are among the most popular podcast content available. But the sports podcast market is also oversaturated with plenty of already very high-quality series, so ensuring your podcast gets the audience it deserves is going to be an ongoing challenge. In this session, podcast makers and distributors provide insights into what makes a great sports podcast and how you can help ensure it reaches as wide an audience as possible.
  3. There seems to be an insatiable public appetite for sports documentaries, with every major streaming service and broadcaster falling over themselves to commission and produce a regular stream of documentaries covering every aspect of every sport, with no stone left uncovered to find the next untold story. Viewing figures are impressive for the biggest, most well-publicised sports documentaries, including the likes of Welcome to Wrexham, Beckham, Drive To Survive, Captains of the World, Tour de France Unchained and so on. But have all the stories now been told? Will sports fans soon tire of the fairly repeatable story arc of the sports doc? Have sports documentaries finally reached their peak?
  4. Tech innovations are reshaping sports production at a rate not previously seen, with broadcasters turning to AI-enabled production to enable lower-tier sports and leagues to be televised at a cost-effective price point. Both the usage and quality of automated production has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 2-3 years, with affordable off-the-shelf AI-enabled camera and software systems able to capture reliable, consistent action from the pitch, complete with data overlays and replays, with very minimal human involvement. Added to this, tech advancements put high-quality sports graphics in the hands of all content makers; social media video platforms have democratised distribution; and editing and live production software kit is now affordable and straightforward to use and access. This session discusses the tech-enabled progress being made in production and what the future holds for AI-enabled coverage of sports events.

  5. There are some huge sporting events in the calendar for 2024, including The Olympics and Euros 2024. In this session, the producer and broadcaster of one of these events explains how they are going about creating the best quality coverage, what innovations they are bringing to the content, and how they will ensure the content appeals to the differing demands of disparate audiences and demographics.

  6. The Women’s Sport Trust present the latest findings from its hot-off-the-press visibility research (to be published in February). In this session, the Women’s Sport Trust provide timely insight into viewing habits and what worked in 2023 as well as what to expect in 2024.
  7. Lunch
  8. Networking Drinks @ The Alchemist
  9. Registration
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  11. A 15-minute presentation by a sports content maker/industry analyst covering best practice when it comes to producing, packaging, and distributing sports content for today’s sports fans. It offers tips on how to make your content engaging and reach large audiences of younger sports fans on social/digital platforms as well as the changing demands of linear broadcasters to freshen up sports content on television. The presentation will be followed by audience questions.
  12. Digital platforms are of equal importance to traditional broadcast platforms as part of the distribution mix for your sport to reach different audiences. Many younger fans prefer to keep on top of sports via social media and online video platforms rather than sitting through the full live event on a big screen. And the live sporting event is just a small part of their engagement with the sport, with athlete-created content, short-form and long-form documentary content, fantasy leagues, and auto-generated post-match highlights all part of the vast array of content they consume around their favourite sports and athletes. This panel brings together several leading digital content creators to share hints and tips and practical examples of how to create and distribute content that maximises the huge reach of digital platforms. 


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